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The Prillionaires app represents the next generation of wealth management and personal finance software, facilitating real-time money management and secure multi-banking functionality all in one place. Users can manage and track investment portfolios, analyse market trends, monitor asset values, and utilise a net worth calculator.

Bank level security
Enjoy peace of mind with a protected and secure encrypted wealth management account, empowering new ways to access your financial institutions. Open banking, which is being rapidly adopted and implemented in Canada, is regulated to ensure safety and transparency.

Net worth calculator
Prillionaires personal finance software is crafted to assist in assessing your financial position by estimating your net wealth. We gather comprehensive information regarding your assets and liabilities, provide up-to-date valuations of your property and vehicles, and automatically track your total net worth.

wealth management app
wealth management app

Wealth management app & Personal finance software

Who wants to be a Prillionaire ?

A prillionaire has multiple bank accounts, savings, loans, credit cards, retirement accounts, properties, car, stock and even different crypto wallets. Or they might not have them all yet, but they want a consolidated overview of their wealth from all over the place, in less than two minutes and they would like to track their total net worth.

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wealth management app

About Prillionaires Wealth management App

Don't have the time or resources to meet with a financial advisor in person? Discover Prillionaires, the top-rated personal finance software boasting bank-level security in Canada. With Prillionaires, managing multiple bank accounts, monitoring your financial assets and liabilities, and calculating your net worth has never been easier. Our user-friendly app also features multi-currency functionality and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, providing the flexibility to manage your finances on-the-go.


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Money management

By prioritising money management, you can lower your costs. You are more likely to keep track of your monthly outgoings, avoid hidden fees and charges, and invest extra funds wisely. With Prillionaires Wealth Management software, you can perfect your approach to money management and improve your financial success.

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Join the growing number of satisfied Prillionaires customer across Canada who trust Prillionaires to help them achieve their financial goals. Be the early adopter and get a head start with our cutting-edge application.

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Definition 1: The group of people who have multiple bank accounts, savings, loans, credit cards, retirement accounts, properties, cars, stocks, and even different crypto wallets. Or they might not have them all yet, but they want a consolidated overview of their wealth from all over the place in less than two minutes, and they would like to track their total net worth.

Definition 2. The App; Prillionaires is a money management and wealth tracker app. It is able to organise your multiple assets and liabilities across borders, and calculate and track your total net worth.

Personal finance management software is a tool that helps individuals and households manage their finances by providing a comprehensive platform for budgeting, expense tracking, investment management, and financial planning. The software integrates all of your financial accounts, such as bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts, into one centralized platform, making it easier to track your spending, monitor your budget, and plan your finances effectively.

Fintech app usage in Canada shows significant variation across different age groups. Younger Canadians, particularly those aged 18-34, are the most active users, utilising these apps for budgeting, investing, and managing multiple bank accounts. Middle-aged Canadians, aged 35-54, also frequently use fintech apps for investment management and financial planning. Older Canadians, aged 55 and above, are increasingly adopting these technologies, primarily for secure online banking and expense tracking​. These trends highlight the growing importance of personal finance software and wealth management apps in Canada.

Financial literacy in Canada generally correlates with educational attainment. Canadians with post-secondary education tend to have higher levels of financial literacy, understanding complex concepts such as investing, debt management, and budgeting more thoroughly. In contrast, those with only a high school education may have a more basic understanding of these financial principles. Various initiatives by the Canadian government and financial institutions aim to improve financial literacy across all education levels​. Effective money management and the use of Prillionaires personal finance software can help enhance financial literacy.

In Canada, having multiple bank accounts does not directly impact your credit score. Credit scores are primarily influenced by factors such as credit history, outstanding debts, and repayment behaviour. Managing multiple accounts responsibly can help you organise your finances better and ensure timely payments, which indirectly supports a healthier credit score​. Using Prillionaires  wealth management app can assist in better money management and tracking of multiple accounts.

In Canada, deposits are insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) up to $100,000 per account holder, per insured category, at each member institution. To maximise protection, it is advisable not to exceed this amount in a single bank. If you have more than $100,000 in savings, consider spreading your funds across multiple banks or accounts to ensure all your money is covered by the CDIC insurance​. Utilising Prillionaires personal finance software can help you keep track of your deposits and ensure they are within insured limits.

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