About Us

Prillionaires is a Fintech Company that makes you FEEL GOOD WITH FINANCE

Our story

In an ideal world, people should focus on their families, hobbies, career progression, learning good things, enjoying social life – the list is endless.

But when we create the financial base for these, we waste a lot of precious time so the reality reflects otherwise: We focus on memorizing multiple bank login details, learning more and more digital banking interfaces and monitoring multiple investment accounts, and adapting to their changes from time to time.

Our solution allows you to manage all your financial needs in one single application, available both on desktop and mobile.
Our goal is to give you a service where you can overview, monitor, and manage the assets and liabilities you own from all around the world.

Join the happy users of Prillionaires and feel good with finance!

Our Values


We see challenges as opportunities for profitable long-term growth. It is our strength to identify future demands and to develop new business areas with open-mindedness and courage. By setting clear targets and focusing on cutting-edge execution, we strive to improve our performance.


Our passion is what drives us. Innovation comes from challenges, we are all committed to reaching our potential. Recognizing achievements and celebrating achievements of our team members are very important to us.

Technical Excellence

Innovative systems solutions are a key element of creating value for customers and addressing their needs. Our goal is to take digital banking to a state-of-the-art level by ensuring expertise and competence in every area of our business.


Security is at the core of what we do – an area where we never compromise. Our products and services are subject to the highest security requirements our software is reliable and safe to use.

Why invest?

Prillionaires is working on an innovative technology solution that solves an increasingly worsening problem in digital banking and in managing multiple bank accounts, assets and liabilities. Our goal is to make it easier for people to manage their finances without borders, in one centralized place including bank accounts, real estate, cars, investments anywhere in the world, and all kinds of assets. Please visit our Investor page, we’d love to impress you further!



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