Triangle MasterCard review 2023

Jun , 20
Triangle MasterCard review 2023

Triangle MasterCard Review 2023

Consider Applying for Canadian Tire’s Triangle Mastercard

If you enjoy accumulating CT Money and shopping at Canadian Tire, consider applying for one of their well-known credit cards, the Triangle Mastercard. The Triangle Mastercard and its premium version, the Triangle World Elite Mastercard, increase the CT Money you earn when you purchase online and in-store at Canadian Tire locations. Additionally, you may save money with these cards at petrol stations linked with Canadian Tire, such as Gas+ and certain Husky stores.

Is Triangle MasterCard an Actual Credit Card?

Yes, the Triangle MasterCard can be used to make purchases wherever Mastercards are accepted. When you apply for the card, you will be given a specific credit limit. The application process is simple, and the entire application may be completed online in just a few minutes. Applying for the card doesn’t require a minimum credit score or yearly income.

What Credit Limit Do You Need for Triangle MasterCard? Triangle MasterCard Credit Score Requirements

Your credit score, credit history, and any payment history you may have with other Canadian Tire credit cards all play a role in determining the cap on your Triangle Mastercard. You’ll be informed of your limit when your card application is accepted. To raise the cap on your Triangle Mastercard, you should contact CTFS toll-free. Your credit limit will be determined with the assistance of their customer service representatives.

Is Triangle MasterCard Good?

Although it’s a respectable card to carry in your wallet, the Triangle Mastercard isn’t as useful as other Canadian credit cards. If you find it challenging to meet the high-income requirements for the Triangle World Elite, the Triangle Mastercard is something to consider. Nevertheless, alternative credit card choices have no annual fees and provide more benefits and flexibility.

What Are the Benefits of a Triangle MasterCard?

Zero-cost Financing No fee financing is an advantage available to Triangle Mastercard cards. With this feature, you may choose to pay back “qualified” purchases (minimum $150) made at Canadian Tire and allied retailers (physical and online) in monthly installments without incurring any fees or interest.

Paying Bills A feature not often accessible with a straightforward cashback card is the ability to pay your bills, such as property taxes, water bills, education costs, and insurance premiums, through the Canadian Tire Bank. You can also qualify to get CT Money regularly by using your credit card to pay those expenses.

Concierge Service Canadian Tire Travel Mastercard assists you in making plans for travel, entertainment, shopping, and business through Mastercard’s “concierge service.” The concierge service also offers medical support, enabling you to schedule appointments, visitations, and medication refills.

Is There an App for Triangle MasterCard?

The Triangle App can be downloaded free, but regular phone carrier message and data fees might be charged.

What is the Triangle MasterCard Interest Rate?

The Triangle Mastercard’s attractiveness partly stems from the absence of an annual charge. Although your credit score may affect it, the average purchase APR is 19.99 percent (excluding cash transactions and associated costs). The balance transfer APR is 22.99 percent, while the cash advance APR is 21.99 percent for Quebec residents (21.99 percent for residents of Quebec).

Food For Thought

The Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard is a straightforward, fee-free credit card that provides 4% cash back at Canadian Tire and 5% per-liter gas savings at Canadian Tire gas stations. The card, however, falls short in several crucial areas and does not offer the significant incentives and perks offered by other Canadian cards.



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