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TRIANGLE MASTERCARD REVIEW 2023: Is It Worth Applying For?

Jun , 20
TRIANGLE MASTERCARD REVIEW 2023: Is It Worth Applying For?

Triangle MasterCard Review 2023

TRIANGLE MASTERCARD REVIEW 2023: Is It Worth Applying For?

If you’re a frequent shopper at Canadian Tire and want to maximize your CT Money rewards, the Triangle Mastercard could be a valuable addition to your wallet. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of the Triangle Mastercard and its premium counterpart, the Triangle World Elite Mastercard. These credit cards can enhance your CT Money earnings both in-store and online at Canadian Tire locations. Additionally, they offer potential savings at affiliated petrol stations, including Gas+ and select Husky stores.

Is the Triangle Mastercard a Genuine Credit Card?

Yes, the Triangle Mastercard is a legitimate credit card that can be used wherever Mastercards are accepted. The application process is straightforward, and you can complete it online within minutes. Notably, there’s no minimum credit score or annual income requirement to apply for this card.

What Credit Limit Do You Need for Triangle MasterCard? Triangle MasterCard Credit Score Requirements

Your credit score, credit history, and previous interactions with other Canadian Tire credit cards all factor into determining your Triangle Mastercard’s credit limit. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive information about your specific credit limit. If you wish to increase it, you can contact CTFS toll-free, and their customer service representatives will assist you.

Is the Triangle Mastercard a Good Choice?

While the Triangle Mastercard is a decent card, there are more robust credit card options available in the Canadian market. If you don’t meet the income requirements for the Triangle World Elite, the Triangle Mastercard can be a viable choice. However, alternative credit cards with no annual fees may offer greater benefits and flexibility.

What Are the Benefits of a Triangle MasterCard?

The Triangle Mastercard does offer some advantages worth considering:

1. Zero-Cost Financing: One standout feature is zero-cost financing, allowing you to pay off “qualified” purchases (minimum $150) made at Canadian Tire and affiliated retailers both in-store and online in monthly installments without incurring fees or interest.

2. Bill Payments: Unlike typical cashback cards, the Triangle Mastercard enables you to pay bills such as property taxes, water bills, education costs, and insurance premiums through Canadian Tire Bank. This can also earn you CT Money regularly when you use your credit card for these expenses.

3. Concierge Service: The Canadian Tire Travel Mastercard provides access to Mastercard’s “concierge service,” assisting you with travel plans, entertainment bookings, shopping, and business-related arrangements. It even offers medical support, helping you schedule appointments, visits, and prescription refills.

Is There an App for Triangle MasterCard?

The Triangle App is available for free download, though it’s essential to note that regular carrier message and data fees may apply.

What is the Triangle MasterCard Interest Rate?

The Triangle Mastercard’s allure lies in its no annual fee feature. The variable purchase APR ranges from 19.99% to 27.99%. This card offers a cashback of 4% in CT Money at certain retailers, 1.5% at grocery stores, and 0.5% on other purchases. A notable feature is the zero-cost financing for purchases of $150 or more at participating retailers, enabling payback in monthly installments without fees or interest. There’s no welcome bonus, which might deter some applicants.

Food For Thought

In conclusion, the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard offers a straightforward, fee-free credit card option that provides 4% cashback at Canadian Tire and 5% per-liter gas savings at affiliated Canadian Tire gas stations. While it has its merits, this card falls short in some critical areas and may not offer the extensive incentives and perks provided by other Canadian credit cards.



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